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Sunday, January 29, 2017

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Ever since I can remember I have loved stories.  It really didn't matter what kind of story as long as it was a good one...at least to me.  My favorite genres are Fantasy and Sci-fi.  I strive to combine reality and fantasy as I write.  My first novel will have the benefit of  assistance from a theoretical astrophysicists who works at CALTECH, Dr. Christian Ott, and a friend who holds his Doctorate in the field of Nuclear Engineering, focusing on weapons, Dr. Jim Hill.  Do I really have to say this is shaping up to be a really good yarn?  What would this process be without the nay slayers, or the folks who continuously attempt to pigeon-hole my story to Star Wars, Star Trek, or some other popular book?  "Oh then your book is like Gene Rodenberry's Star Trek?", "oh yeah that sound just like the story in Star Wars."  Suffice it to say, it is hard for some folks to conceive that these stories have been around for generations.  People are telling the same stories, just in their own way.  Well, now it's my turn to tell them in my own way.  To those who have outright laughed at me (true story), tell me I am basically copying others ideas, or just don't think I have what it takes to be a writer, I say to them I appreciate their input and that I will seriously consider what they offered.  I use their doubt as fuel, fuel for my imagination, fuel to drive me to write, re-write and keep writing.  To promote others to pursue their dreams with every ounce of passion they have.  Even if my books flops, which it won't, I at least lived my dream.  Boom!

        If you are reading this then thank you.  I ask that you leave a remark telling me your thoughts.  I have a section for that on the HOME page.  I will also fill you in on a little secret.  Fulfilling your dreams is hard work.  Plenty of people will tell you how something cannot be accomplished, or how too difficult something is.  Horse shit!  THEY are limited, not YOU!  Do not think for an infinitesimal instant that you cannot do it, you can and will.  What makes these things so hard has nothing do with the difficulty of the thing itself.  NO!  It has everything to do with your vision of perfection, and you total commitment to achieving it.  Have fun with your passions.  Be safe, be legal and grab life with both hand and steer your own path.  Much love and crazy respect to you.  Be the wolf who runs open and free, pursuing its dream.  Don't be the sheep content to hide in the herd waiting to be fed. 

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