Never give up!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

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When it comes to success, no one, and I mean no one, has all the answers. Stick to your dreams, and you will be successful. Everyone who has made their dreams come true have ALL experienced rejection from Nay Sayers. I will give you an example of one young man who always had his nose stuck in a book. He would get his measure of ridicule form people. Tall for his age and skinny, glasses, he was awkward to say the least. When he was a young boy, he wrote a small paper with his brother in their basement about neighborhood activities. This same young man submitted various stories to publishers as he got older, and received so many rejections he stuck them on a nail attached to his wall. He accumulated so many rejection letters, that same nail fell down from the weight of those slips. Rather than get discouraged, he simply got a stronger nail to hold them. He finally got a break years later, and started him on a ride of success unmatched. This man is worth $100 million today. The breakthrough was Carrie, and the author was Stephen King. 
Whatever your personal dream is, give yourself some credit and do not give up when times get tough. You are much stronger than you may think. Often, we are so hard on ourselves that we fold under the constant bombardment of self-doubt. Remember, we are with ourselves 24/7, so it makes sense that we start to listen to that negative voice. Stop listening, and start challenging that inner pessimist. Simply ask the voice of doubt, why not? All successful people have one defining thing in common. They never quit, never stopped, and found new ways to overcome obstacles. I look forward to seeing you in the winner's circle my friends. Have a fanatic journey.



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