Doubt? So what!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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Having doubt is a very normal part of writing.  The feeling is at home as the period, or the comma in a sentence.  I say you should embrace this doubt.  You are reading over your story and it doesn’t seem to ‘Pop’ out to you, or the dialogue may seem a bit flat.  That is fine, everyone experiences this.  Even the big hitters in the writing field.  Don’t believe me, hop on YouTube and take a look.  Here are some of the things that I do to overcome these little tiffs of literary loathing toward my story.

  1.  I simply step away from the page, and allow my brain to breath.  I always try to write 2000 words per day.  You read that correctly, two-thousand words a day.  Even Sunday, if I can manage it.  I would be bold face lying to you if I ever claimed to be successful in this pursuit.  I do pretty well for myself though.   When I begin to feel overwhelmed and, my brain basically shuts down.  I walk away and do something completely mindless.  I will watch a movie, television show on Netflix, or start reading a book.


2.   I will do something that has absolutely nothing to do with novels.  I will get out of the house and go for a drive, grab the dogs and       toss the ball across the yard.  They can show me how purely vicious they can be as they race for the ball, demonstrating they are         most feared predators in recorded history.  Another thing I will do is simply start cleaning around the house.  If you’re anything like       me, this option is always in demand.


3.  (This one I got from Kristen Martin.  Her interview is on my blog in the writer’s section) Write a success list.  You heard me, write          about all the things that you have accomplished so far.  All of your successes.  You will quickly see that you have done quite a bit,        but just haven’t given yourself enough credit to realize it.


At the end of the day, you must realize that whether you are writing a book, painting, music, or anything that is subject to other’s opinions you are going to have doubt.  No one is spared from this.  Do these things because it is your passion to perform the act itself.  Create the masterpiece that is inside you and be honest concerning your labors.  Except any critic that comes your way, even if you are 100% certain that the other person is bat-shit-crazy.  Evaluate what is offered, and walk away richer from it.  If you’re a writer, then understand that any and all can be re-written. 

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