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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

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During my childhood, I was poor, poor as poor could be. Yet my Mother, always worked amazing magic when she got home. It never failed to amaze me how she could prepare a meal in a kitchen that was bare. To this day, and I have been cooking consistently of rover 20 years now, amazes me. I would open the cupboard, fridge and pantry, the bugs and mice would leave us food, because they felt so bad for us. There were many times I went hungry, but it was no fault of my Mother’s God rest her soul and keep it well. She was also an incredible artist and painter too. Did I mention beautiful? I never seen anyone work as hard as she did at what she loved. Sometimes my brother and I would only eat once, if we couldn’t make it to the soup kitchen in time, but boy what a great meal we would have at the magnificent hands of my Mother.



    I asked her, “Mom, why do you keep at it? Aren’t you tired?”.

 I knew even then we had little or no money. I knew even then we were damn lucky to have a roof over our head and clothes on our back. What I didn’t know is why she never quit dreaming, creating beauty in such a dismal life?


   “Johnny, anyone can stop. Anyone can shake their fist in the air, and yell to God, and ask, why me? The point is, why would I ever do that when I can create beauty, and a good home filled with love and dignity. I want this world to know I cared. These things do not cost anything.” She would hug me, and give me a light kiss on my head. Then she would put my butt to work; during these times my compassion for her weakened a little.


   I grew up with that very simple philosophy etched in my brain. Always do what you can, when you can. I say this to you then my loyal readers, or new readers for that matter. Do what you can, when you can. Fill this world with as much love and beauty as you can. I know even now, you can do exactly what you dream of. I know even now that you are so lucky to be able to provide greatness to so many who need it. You never know, you may say something that someone will use to ignite their life. Many blessing to you my friends!

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