Motivational Monday: Success is not a four letter word!

Monday, April 17, 2017

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If you’re like me there have been plenty of times in your life that you hesitated on an opportunity because it seemed bigger than you.  For some reason, you grabbed the opportunity only to realize that it may have been a little difficult, but in the end, it was nowhere near as hard as you initially thought it was going to be.  I would submit that anything you want to do, I mean a real burning desire here, is just like this.  Work hard, be honest (with yourself), and in due time you will achieve your goals.  There will be people who have great intentions and who truly want the best for you, but do not take what your goals as seriously as you do. Do not allow this to deter you. Why would you think anyone would truly understand your personal desires?  This is your burden, not theirs.  Though she supports me, the love of my life does not fully understand my desire to write my novel. It’s true, but I am not offended in the least.  I think she views what I am working for as a sort of hobby. The closest I can figure is that doesn’t produce any money. Well, this is true. At least not so far. I am not concerned in the least by this. She loves me, and she loves what she does, as I also love working with her and help run the company that helps so many people out. You know what I did, I turned her opinion into a strength. I created and am managing a podcast for her, as well as one for my writing. Now she can see the value in reaching out to a broader base of people to further help them with their goals in running! She even helps with the Podcast! It is a butt ton of hard work, but if I only help one person take that next step towards realizing their dreams then I am a happy camper.  It also teaches me a new skill set that I didn’t have before. Another success, wouldn’t you agree?

     How can you be successful? The idea is to understand your weaknesses, and strengths, and your true passions. Get help from those who’s strengths are your weaknesses. And learn from them, thus turning your weaknesses into new-fangled strengths. Work your butt off, although if you are doing something you enjoy it may not feel like work 100% of the time.  Another key is to trust in what you are doing; believe in yourself! Accept the simple truth that no one who has ever truly achieved success has never done it alone. You might not want to hear this, but getting help is expected. Suck up that pride, and come to the realization that this is the way it is. This is why those opportunities never seemed so big once you started to tackle them, I promise you, you received help in some form or another. This was a very tough lesson for me to learn. It came to a head when I was going through Chief’s season. I almost didn’t get my anchors because I was so damn stubborn. Well, that and I had major trust issues. But, learn and learn I did. Would you believe that I was still learning well after I received my anchors?  I often chuckle quietly to myself and think, gotta love that humility. 

     Your success is completely dependent on your ability to press forward, and do what it takes to breathe life into it. Know what you can and cannot do.  Surround yourself with competent people who have the same passions as you do, and take the time to learn from their skill set. Work hard and do not stop until you have what you want.  Good luck, be safe, and be sure to high-five someone, it always makes people smile when they get a High-five.

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