'Believe in your self' on Motivation Monday!!

Monday, April 24, 2017

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Self-worth seems like it is more of a punch line these days then something you should take seriously. We hear it so often, but rarely ever listen to what is actually being said. There was a time when people truly believed in their abilities, in spite of what was happening around them. Now it seems that folks pay more attention to the problem than the solution.

            You must believe in yourself. I mean really believe in what you can do and your inherent value. Which is anything you damn well want in life. Great things take time, and you want it to at that. If it happens too quick you won’t trust it, and you certainly will not be ready to handle it. It is the strife that will prepare you to nurture that success. Imagine working for years at something. You pour all of your energy and sweat into it. Obstacles come along, you bust your butt through them. then you finally get it. It has value, both monetary value as well as self-satisfaction. Now, something comes along to threaten than success. Something threatens to take it all away. There! That feeling you just had, the Oh hell no! feeling. That is how you should react to all things that threaten the believe in yourself. You must humble yourself to learn what you do not know, and you must be prepared to work hard and weather the storm.

            Allow no one to tell you cannot do it. Do not commit the cardinal sin of convincing yourself you are not worthy. In any shape or form. The world today is full of doubt, anger and pessimism. I don’t particularly enjoy that brand of Kool-Aid myself. My Kool-Aid is sweet, cold, and refreshes me every time. Life is hard enough as it is, so don’t compound the problem by defeating yourself before you even have a chance to take your first step. You are stronger than you think.

While at the St. Louis Marathon I had the pleasure of meeting a runner who was in tears as she explained to me her problem. He told me that she missed her turn for the 7K run, and proceeded on the wrong course. It was a whole mile before she realized what had happened. In tears, she told me that she worked very hard to prepare and run the race. She was asking if we could get more volunteers to help direct people. Out of breath and crying, sweat soaked shirt she was standing at the finish line. I could hear it in her voice, she was spent.  She did indeed give this run her personal best.

     “I understand your frustration.” I told her. “Thank you for telling me about this problem, we are aware of it and have sent some extra bodies to help with the situation.”

     “I worked so hard though, and to run an extra mile- “

     “Two miles” I corrected her.

     “What?” She said.

     “You see, you actually ran two extra miles” I said smiling.

She seemed to cry even harder when she realized I was correct. She had to run back that same mile to recover her course.

     “You’re looking at this all wrong. You ran two extra miles proving that you are much stronger and more resilient than you thought you were. You should actually be very proud of what you did. That minor mistake, only proved you are stronger than you gave yourself credit for.”

     “I never thought of it like that.”

     “You want to hug it out?”


She looked at me and cried even harder, but with one small exception. These were tears of joy, not sadness. And I gave her a big hug. If you know me then you know what I am talking about when I say, big hug. She hugged me back, and finished by wiping her tears.

     “Thank you.” She said letting go.

     “No sweet heart. Thank you.” I said as she walked away now smiling.

This is just one small point that if you focus on what the issue is, and do what you need to correct it, you will achieve your goal. I would argue that you will supersede your own expectations. She never questioned her ability to do it. It never entered her mind. She only balked at the hard work it would take to get back on track. Never lose your belief in what you are worth, or what you can achieve.

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