Flight of the Hawks... A must read!!!!

Friday, April 28, 2017

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Flight of the Hawks a Tale of Brynnia, a rich original story, full of intense edge of your seat action. Written by Matthew Morgan. It will be ready for purchase on Amazon next week! If you don't have this book in your hands you're missing out on a fantastic read! Look for it on Ebook too!


The land of Brynnia has settled into a period of peace, though there are forces at work that will soon threaten that calm. The Emperor Drykenex has put a plan in motion that will have far-reaching implications for both the realm and its inhabitants. Amid this developing drama, four men of different backgrounds are brought together by forces they don’t fully understand to oppose the Emperor and his plans. Mathios, Templar of Bamander, seeks to restore his family’s honor. Crom, a knight with a mysterious past, answers the call of a mysterious sage to assist Mathios, yet he may find more than he ever imagined. Kal, a simple fisherman, will begin a journey that will change his life at the request of his king. Julen, a powerful barbarian from the Steel Hills, seeks his destiny and will begin a spiritual journey he could never have imagined when he left his home in the hills. Together, these four men will form a bond of friendship that will guide them through the coming storm. They will become known collectively as the Hawks. This is their tale. What challenges await? What is the Emperor’s dark secret? Read and find out, as the Hawks take flight...



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