A Tale of two Vampires

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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Nazareth dropped the lifeless body of his latest meal, and listened for any unwanted guests. He heard the cold wind as winter approached and the occasional owl calling. In the distance wolves howled to each other as they honored the night. His eyes returning to their blue color, he looked around. When a vampire fed, their eyes turn sold red with blood, showing only the pupils. Nazareth was one of the original vampires from the line of Cain. His teeth bore double fangs which is to say be bore eight incisors instead of four. Those vampires who were sired from other secondary vampires only bore four fangs that humans seen in all of the cheesy movies. Seeing his breath in the air as he exhaled he adjusted his gloves and fitted his hat over his dark hair.  Wrangell St. Elias, offered safest meal at this time of year. Late fall offered the freezing crisp air prevented smells from travelling too far, and made it more difficult to determine when a body had died if it went undetected. Offering a quick glance through the tall pine trees he made a final note that no one was around. They always seemed to blame animals for any mutilations anyway. Nazareth always assisted with this line of thinking by adding a touch here and there on the bodies with his claw like nails. He didn’t require a substantial amount of blood, but humans were by far the best meal. This young girl was especially sweet. She appeared to be young, early twenties or younger. Nazareth never bothered. He was too old, everyone looked young to his eyes. Performing his usual work on the corpse, he set of to his abode. The entrance to his home was perfectly disguised as a rock facing. Back before it became a national park, he paid engineers of the day to build a secret home here. Of course, he never imagined America would buy Alaska either. He hated to kill the workers in what was later called a mining accident, but he needed to be careful. He could not afford to make mistakes. There was a war going on. Centuries ago the code was broken. Vampires never turned on their own kind. It was forbidden. Now he was both hunter, and hunted.  He slipped into the secret passage leaving no trace of his passing. Soon there was only wind and the season’s first snow fall.


   The lightning streaked across the Colorado night sky as Thomas watched news reports from across the globe. Still dressed in his suit, he sat quietly in his penthouse apartment, fingertips pressed together as he viewed twenty different news channels on as many screens. Sipping on his drink, he set it down as he heard of another mutilation taking place in Alaska’s Wrangell St. Elias national park. Getting bored with the other bits of news he offered this correspondence a bit more attention. The reporter stood wearing a goose down coat and spoke holding a mic with his gloved hands, while officials bagged up the body a distance behind him. Thomas tuned out all the other news reports and listened.

   “As you can see. Alaska has lost another tourist today in a tragic accident. Park Rangers have indicated that this is a late season bear attack. Bears are particularly dangerous this time of year, as they are still trying to develop fat for their hibernation cycle.” The reporter glanced behind him and noticed the victim was being driven away. He walked over to the scene itself. That is a good fellow, Thomas thought.

    “The victim’s identity is not being revealed, until the Park Ranger’s complete their investigation of the incident. However, we can see some blood on the ground where the victim was found. It would seem by the lack of pooled blood; the animal must have dragged the victim here. This serves as a grizzly reminder to any hikers that safety is not a seasonal practice. This is Mark Castle reporting.”

    The camera offered a glancing view of the ground, and there were small splotches of blood on the earth were the body was. The ground was frosted over from the cold morning air. Looking at the screen, he noticed the outline of the body and he thought he noticed the smallest portion of a foot print in the blood. The camera was so quick he almost didn’t see it. Rewinding the news footage, he took another look to be sure of what he saw. Thomas realized he was sitting on the edge of his seat as the he studied the screen. Picking up his cell phone, He made a call.


“Arrange for a trip to Alaska. I am taking a jaunt to a National Park.” He said





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