Good bye my Island Princess

Thursday, May 4, 2017

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I remember with clarity when we selected her at the Oahu animal shelter. All of the dogs were scurrying around the little pen they were set in, while this little wrinkled, brindled puppy walked right up to me and started licking my hand. I found out later that this habit, she would carry on for the rest of her life. We knew on the spot that this was the dog for us. The day we got her the sun was out, the breeze coming off of the water was a light constant friend, and the grass was green. On our way home Chianna took time out of her day to piss on our back seat. Chianna proved to be the most loyal dog I ever have come across. No matter where I was in the world she would perk up every time she heard my voice. Whether it was on Skype, or on over the phone she was right there. Whenever I was home, she would attach herself to my side.


When my Boo was sick, she predictably never left her side until she was better. Suffice it to say, she stopped being a pet and starting being part of this family a long time ago. She hated cats. When she was a puppy she wanted to play with one, until the cat suggested otherwise by way of her claws. Chianna found out that cats were evil, and carried the message for the rest of her life. In Japan, she chased Ravens, well, until they got together and decided to chase her. Chianna came to the understanding that ravens would actually gather by the dozens and gang up on a poor defenseless dog who only five minutes prior thought it was super fun to chase them.  Another great moment happened two years ago when Amanda took the dogs out to the go potty. The side lights were turned off, so she couldn’t see much. However, the dogs saw plenty in spite of the darkness. Chief stayed with Amanda, DJ advanced between Amanda and whatever it was laying wait in the darkness and even in her advanced age, Chianna hobbled over and commenced to insert herself to the unknown threat. She came back bloody.  Later it was discovered she bested two coyotes. Which is how her ear becoming permanently crooked, she never stopped being the momma. Tough as nails, always loving and loyal. Today I took one of my closest friends to the vet and had her euthanized, after almost 17 years of incredible loyalty to me and my family. As prepared as I thought I was, I understandably fell a little short.  I was loving her, as my little Momma, as she drew her last breath. I guess it is only fitting that the day I said good bye was like the day we said hello, the sun was shining, there was a light breeze and the grass was beautiful and green.  May God rest your soul. You will never be forgotten. Thank you Chianna.



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