Motivation Monday, Helping others with your experiences.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

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My motivation is a little late this week, I trust that you will forgive me of my slight. I was hit with a severe blow, that I had not anticipated would affect me the way it did.  It changed me. As well it should. When we lose something, we care very deeply for, we must not look to the sad moment that weighs heavy on us, but rather to the moments of joy that allowed that absence to be so profound. There will be times in your life when you will be counted on to be sympathetic to another’s plight. I feel it is our responsibility to draw upon our own experiences of emotional damage to help us better understand how to help another. We cannot possibly understand what that other person is experiencing, and we certainly do not want to undermine their difficulty. What this will do is help us get an idea of how to help that person get passed the moment, hold their head up, and persevere once again. Allow them to be the brilliant and wonderful person I know all to be. Thanks for reading!



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