The red pill, or the green pill.

Monday, June 5, 2017

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Every now and then life will throw a curve ball when we least expect it. I am not referring to anything monumental or earth shattering. Something enough to upset the status quo. It is during these times that you must be loyal and true to yourself. Gain a better understanding of the situation. And with whom your decisions effect the most. When you have those factors taken into account, make the decision that will make you happy. And a one that does not hurt others.  

     Does this sound vague enough for you? It's intended to be imprecise. I designed this narrative to fit your experiences whatever they may be. When life throws you a situation in which you find yourself getting frustrated from the way your treated. The quality of life, or even the conditions in which you are living in. It is then, at that moment of realization, you must make an effective change. You must decide if you’re going to be a punching bag, or a boxer. 

     Me, I am a boxer, or if you have read any of my previous blogs…the wolf. I do not have what it takes to lay down and get kicked, or mistreated in any sense of the word. I am far too valuable for that garbage. I have something called self-respect. This is the part you ensure you get as much info as you can before making a decision. This said, sometimes it is difficult getting all the information you need. Then I will say, listen to your gut. Say you are working with a group of people, and they are all great people. Even still, you are not treated right. Let’s go on say they aren’t even aware of it. I say, if your gut tells you something is wrong, then something is wrong and stick to your instincts. You can always make adjustments down the road if you need to. After all this is life, not a scripted story. I have made plenty of poor decisions in my life, and I have never been squeamish about making apologize. If I am wrong, then I am wrong. 

     The ability to make tough choices is part of being a strong person. Building that confidence and self-reliability is the ability to make tough choices.  The other side of the coin is that you are will to except decisions others make with equal humility and grace. If there is ever a time that they come back around, or reveal that they have made a flawed judgement call, then please have the good graces to let them learn from it. Do not rub it in their face. We gain wisdom from learning about our mistakes. Folks in my humble opinion, life does not play favorites, there is no quota system, no karma to be had. There is action and reaction. The best we can all do is be safe, treat ourselves with respect, so we can treat others with respect and love. 



A simple thought, until next time.

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