Do you even know what it takes to achieve success?

Monday, June 12, 2017

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Why can’t you be successful? I have yet to hear anyone explain to me, with any sense of satisfaction how success is not within your grasp. You must be willing to do any and all things it takes to move closer to your measure of success. We call it wisdom. You must at the end of the day, be willing to bust your ass.


Don’t cry to me how you are not making ends meet. Moreover, are not any closer to your goal, as you watch television, or hang out with your friends more than you apply your abilities towards your goal. I am not a fan of people who talk to me about not having money as I walk passed endless “Now Hiring” signs. Even worse, doing the bare minimum to reach your dream, when the only thing you have to do is work your trade. Are you kidding me? Look at me. I help run a company, I am the creator and manager of two Podcasts, a blog and a Facebook page. Soon I will be vlogging as well. All while turning out my normal household duties. Let’s not forget, I am also writing a novel. I have no clue if I will even be successful through it all. I will tell you this, it won’t be from a lack of effort. I, however, measure my success in a different way. If anything, I do, can help someone be their personal best then my standard of success will be achieved.


You must ask yourself what is your standard of success? What will it take to get it? Once you understand the who and the what, you will know how to perform the how. Even if the act of it is not that simple, the fact of it is. I heard a story that sums up what your attitude towards your success should be. I think you will agree.


A man looked at his friend, who was very successful. After a time, he told him he wanted what his friend had, he wanted that measure of success. His friend looked at him for a long moment, in equal measure. He asked his inquisitive frowned if he was sure he wanted what he had, because it meant hard work and dedication. His friend blustered at the comment.


“I can work hard. Dedication isn’t an issue.”


“OK then. Meet me at the beach tomorrow morning at 7 am.” He walked off, got into his Mercedes Bentz and left.


His friend, baffled about what being at the beach had to do with his friend’s wealth and success. As agreed the very next morning he arrived at the beach. His friend was already there: waiting for him.


“You ready?” His friend asked.




“Walk with me out into the water.” He walked out until he was waist high into the surf. Feeling the waves passed by knocking them off balance.


“Ok, now what”


“Walk out a little further” He explained, taking yet more steps deeper into the ocean.


“What does this have to do with success, Man? This is crap. I thought you were going to help me?” His friend protested.


“I am, but the biggest secret is here.” His friend said his head above the water.


Grudgingly, he met him in the deep part of the water. Wondering what was next. Without warning his successful friend grabbed him and held him under water for a long period. It wasn’t until he thrashed, that his friend let him up for air. His head broke the surface gasping massive gulps of air.


“What the hell are you doing man?!” He yelled at his friend, who only stared at him.


“When you want success as much as you want that air, then you will be successful.”


That my dear friends, is the heart of success.  Now go out and claim your success!!

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