Forgiving Yourself

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

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I have written about tolerating other people’s poor attitude toward any dream you will have. Or even poor treatment that others will impose on you when you need support. Our goals and dreams are fragile. Even though we strive to balance many things in our lives, we sometime will fall short. Reading through my posts I did not see anything extensive on self. While it is important to keep your chin up, I will also say it is equally important to forgive yourself.

As you celebrate the fourth of July, allow yourself to rest your thoughts on the idea of self-forgiveness. I am not talking about the tired dogma of forgiving yourself of wrongdoing, or yelling at someone, or something along those lines. I am referring to, not achieving your milestones, or end goals that you anticipated. As it pertains to writing, not getting that chapter completed, or novel finished. At the end of the day, your attitude is what counts the most. Things in life happen. Don't get bent out of shape, but be completely accepting and honest with yourself. Life is hard enough without adding to the stress pile. If your attitude is still ardent, your focus is true, then don’t sweat it, forgive yourself for not hitting that mark. It’s ok. What you need to do is test why. Look at all the external distractions. If there are some of those you can cut, then do so.  If not then, again, don’t worry about it. Although I am applying this to the craft of writing, it is for everything worth working for. You have to understand, that rolling with the punches is key. Don’t hold it against yourself. Even if you get into a rut. If this is the case, dust yourself off and get on the horse. You can forgive others of so many things, why are you less valuable?

Take what you do seriously, yes. In that process, also apply an understanding as well. 

Read about a conversation I recently had.

“John, it isn’t that easy.” Said Inner Doubt.

“Yes, it is.” I said.

“What makes you so damn certain all the time?” Questioned inner doubt, as it folded it's arms expecting an answer.

“I am so certain, because you are not in control here. I call the shots.” John said as he handed Inner Doubt a cup of tea and sat down. "Now shut up and know your place."

Grant it, this is not an actual conversation, but you get the point.

 I hope you have enjoyed this. Do not be afraid to reach out to me with questions, or comments. 


Happy 4th of July!

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