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Monday, July 10, 2017

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I want to share one of my favorite childhood memories with you. Growing up, as you know by now, I was very poor. Like many of us, I did not have a lot of possessions, or material things. I did love to read, and play various games with my friends, with whom I am still in contact to this day. We are more family now, than any semblance of a friendship. One of the strongest joys I allow my mind to wonder to is the memory of my Mother’s cooking. She would weave a tapestry of flavors across your pallet, like Mozart would interlaces soft musical notes in your brain. What impressed me is the fact that often enough we had next to nothing in the way of food.


   Looking at me now, you would never believe I was a scrawny kid. It is true though. Many a day, I went hungry. No fault of my Mother’s, she did her level best to provide for my brother and I. I will offer no such complaints. I remember generous smells emanating from the kitchen of meats, vegetable and breads. My mouth would water as these decadent smells would waft out of the kitchen. I try to emulate some of her recipes. Only to arrive at an unsatisfactory conclusion of her tried and true recipes. Food is something that was scarce in those days. Which is why you will always find food in my house to this day. Always.


   As a child, I remember sitting at the table anticipating a fine meal. My Mother always insisted on proper table etiquette. I am pretty sure I am preaching to the choir when I tell this shit would piss me off. I was hungry damn it! It is during these times, I would see a wonderful woman across the table. Full of wisdom and intelligence. I often asked her a multitude of questions, as I am a very inquisitive person by nature. A habit I still carry to this day. She would indulge any and all questions I would ask, with an amused expression. But, she never tired of entertaining me, or my brother Billy. It is memories such as this, when things get a little rough, or I am frustrated with the world, that I find solace. It reminds me that there is always joy in the chaos. The trick is, you have to find the right recipe to use what you have. Before you know it, you too will have a great feast before you that you can feast on.   


What sort of childhood memories do you have? When faced with tough times. Where does your memory take you? Where do you find your peace of mind, or that little smile? Please share, I would love to hear some great experiences. 



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